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All divisions of Tamerlane Group now provide professional level fluency in Arabic.

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Welcome To The Tamerlane Project Website

The Tamerlane Projects is a resource to assist clients when they are under attack and need to protect their reputation, resources and business relationships.

Our services are broad spectrum, essentially whatever is required to accomplish the task at hand. The only limit is that we will not violate legal requirements of any jurisdiction in which you may need us to operate on your behalf.

Ours is a resource no one wishes ever to have to call upon. However, when situations have the potential to become extremely drastic if not brought under control, we can marshal every manner and kind of resource, from forensic to paramilitary, to deal with them.

Like it or not, this is the era of total access by everyone to Internet resources that can be used to inflict injury to reputations and to business connections. While sometimes, if the perceived threat is insignificant enough when viewed dispassionately, it may be the best judgment not to respond at all, in many instances the source must be dealt with directly.

Where an affiliate of Tamerlane Group is in the business of providing the services needed, we will call them in. Where what is required must be outsourced, we select and retain on your behalf or as your cut out if that is appropriate.

Our corporate services include aviation, communications, confidential travel arrangements, security protection, representation by one of our special agents, and ancillary hardware if needed. We will do what is required in any corner of the world. We handle extreme assignments including negotiated recovery of hostages and clandestine surrenders.

We will tailor compensation arrangements to particular assignments to accommodate the scope and nature of the assignment. Indirect payments can easily be arranged.

Due to the nature of the work we do, we do not use any client as a reference to obtain new business. Privacy and confidential treatment of your identity and information will not be compromised.

Feel free to contact us at or by telephone at 281-584-0519.

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